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How this Works and Why You'd be Crazy Not To Try It

Get Ready for Super High-Quality Traffic - Direct to Your Page!

Let our experts direct the right traffic to your page, it's as simple as that.

MyTargetedClicks offers advertisers high quality traffic targeting business opportunity seekers. We connect our clients to the right audience by matching your landing page to users who are actively engaged in looking for a home-based business opportunity.

Start getting dynamic results using PPC advertising with MyTargetedClicks today! Results Driven PPC Advertising.

Imagine getting hundreds of laser targeted clicks to your lead capture page - what could that do to your business?

Quite often, buying your own advertising can be a daunting task, especially for a newbie. We take away all of that headache. After all, the lifeblood of the the home-based opportunity business, is having qualified prospects to talk to on a consistent basis.

It's not simply a numbers game... You need QUALITY PROSPECTS to THRIVE!

MyTargetedClicks delivers as many of those prospects as you wish!

Leaders in almost all companies agree, Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic is one of the best traffic methods for finding the right audience and the right time.

Pay Per Click Advertising is more than just Search Engines - it's Email also!

As more and more search engines are getting tighter on their advertising guidelines, professional marketers know the true gold in traffic comes from Email clicks.

Our highly valuable databases of tens of millions of home business seekers is the primary driver of our traffic. Because many issues now exist in search engines with many home based business offers. We takd the hard work out of effective PPC advertising, all at set pricing to you. So you can quite wasting so much time trying to write effective ad copy, finding the right traffic and ultimate doing what we can do for you far more effectively.

PPC leaves too many holes in your search for quality traffic. What if your ad lacks effectiveness in targeting the right prospect or potential buyer. What if you choose the wrong keyword group to list your ad on? What happens when the network shuts you down for non-approved content or the fact that they just don't like what

Get the most out of your time and budget:

We've seen this happen far too many times with the same result... too many people waste money trying to find quality prospects... MyTargetedClicks has a much better solution.

We specifically target high quality prospects that are looking to earn extra income from home. We then drive this traffic to our advanced Real Time Pricing rotators which weighs the price of the traffic in real time based on response levels for that traffic.

This ensures that you'll pay only for what your traffic is worth, and that you'll never receive a flood of garbage traffic that would never convert into what you're looking for... SALES!

Our traffic campaigns have generated well over $50 Million dollars of e-commerce for our marketing clients... Once you plug into our network you'll have the confidence that our Real-Time, Quality Based, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) pricing model will maximize your ROAI (Return on Advertising Investment).